My Unsung Hero

The daily news can fill us with despair. My Unsung Hero is an antidote to that despair. Each episode reveals what the news ignores: everyday acts of kindness and courage that transformed someone’s life. Listen — and renew your faith in humanity.

Recent Heroes

When Alice and her sister arrived in Budapest, exhausted, a young man on the street offered a hand.

After Rebecca left an abusive relationship, she felt broken. She told her counselor, "I can't do this." Then her counselor told her something that she will never forget.

Ken Wilcox's life felt hopeless, like there was nowhere left to turn. Then a simple act from a stranger on the street changed his perspective, and his life.

After Brandon, a teacher, learned that his new niece was delivered stillborn, his entire school was informed of the loss. None of his students talked to him the next day — except for one young student named Marissa.

When Justin's tire blew out in 2010, no one stopped to help. Just when he was about to give up, a van pulled over.

Lauryn and her fiance were in danger of drowning when a surfer came to their rescue.

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