My Unsung Hero

Kate Baker’s Story

When Kate’s toddler had a medical emergency on a plane, three women stepped up to comfort her.

Rick Mangall’s Story

A favorite episode from the archives: In 2008, while driving to work, Rick crashed into a slab of granite rock. He was hanging upside down in his seatbelt when he saw an old Ford truck pull over across the road.

Thanksgiving Special: Gillian Sandstrom’s Story

Psychologist Gillian Sandstrom reflects on the stranger who offered her a ride many years ago, and how that relates to what she now studies for a living: the power of everyday acts of kindness.

Jamie Spurway’s Story

On his first international trip alone, Jamie got lost in the hustle and bustle of L.A. He was hungry and tired and losing hope — until a young woman appeared and offered to help.

Jessica Israelsen’s Story

In 2008, Jessica was serving in the Air Force when her supervisor showed her the true meaning of “service before self.”

Chewey Clinton’s Story

Chewey is a teenager from rural Idaho. He’s struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, and a friend is there when Chewey needs him most.

Jennifer Reinhart’s Story

After a bad fall, Jennifer was struggling to recover from her injuries. One day, a hospital worker helped her feel comfort for the first time since her accident.

Todd Lagerberg’s Story

When Todd’s 17-month-old baby became inconsolable on a flight, two flight attendants went above and beyond to calm him.

Thea Rhiannon’s Story

Thea recalls the stranger with the soothing voice who came to her aid after a devastating car crash.