My Unsung Hero

Sarah Marshall’s Story

During her freshman year of college, Sarah is feeling adrift. Then a simple comment from one of her professors helps her understand herself in a new way.

Jennifer’s Story

A group of girls is bullying Jennifer in middle school. Then someone steps in and changes the way she sees the world.

Annika Kahn’s Story

Annika reunites with her favorite teacher from high school, 97-year-old Flossie Lewis.

Tony Ludlow’s Story

Tony is angry at his English teacher, Mrs. Holman, for making him stay after class. But on the last day of school, she takes his hand, and tells him something he’ll never forget.

Lila Hoffa’s Story

Lila’s third grade teacher notices her struggling with writing, and comes up with a way to help.

Mary Louise Kelly’s Story

Mary Louise loses her wallet while walking home from the bookstore. Then she gets an email from a stranger.

Joy Ladin’s Story

An audio producer goes above and beyond to help Joy record her book of poetry.

Laura Holmes Haddad’s Story

As Laura undergoes chemotherapy, an X-ray technician says something that makes her feel less self-conscious about her appearance.