My Unsung Hero

Wil Davenport’s Story

In 2014, Wil was being treated for severe depression at an inpatient mental health program. One day, his therapist issued a challenge that renewed his sense of purpose.

Mike Huddleston’s Story

Mike fell on the sidewalk, and wasn’t able to get up on his own. Then a kind stranger asked how he could help.

Sri Pisharody’s Story

Before going India, Sri warned her daughter to watch out for people trying to steal from them. But when they got there, the opposite happened.

Laura Holmes Haddad’s Story

As Laura undergoes chemotherapy, an X-ray technician says something that makes her feel less self-conscious about her appearance.

Sarah Feldman’s Story

After a tropical storm in Houston destroyed all of young Sarah’s books, a librarian from across the country sent her a beautiful book to rebuild her collection.

Deb Merchant’s Story

When Deb Merchant was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, her partner Scott Stevens was at her side through every part of her treatment. It made all the difference in her recovery.

Julie Cadwallader Staub’s Story

Julie’s husband, Warren, was always her navigator on road trips. After he passed away, Julie got lost on her first trip without him. She started to panic, until a kind stranger helped her get back on track.

Nancy Pardo’s Story

Nancy was terrified after her husband, Tom, suffered a series of fainting spells. When she asked his doctor what they should do next, the doctor’s answer stunned her — and changed her life.

Majid Hadji’s Story

Majid was in a job interview when he was overcome with anxiety — until someone unexpected helped him calm down and get through it.