I heard part of a Hidden Brain episode on the radio, and now I’d like to go back and listen again. How can I find it?

You can find all Hidden Brain episodes on our website. Just go to the magnifying glass in the top right corner, click on it, and use the search function at the top of the page. If you still can’t find the episode, try looking through our most recent shows on our homepage

If you prefer to listen through a podcast app, here are links to our podcast on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher.

I’d like to know the name of a piece of music I heard on Hidden Brain. How can I find it?

We use a lot of music on the show! Because we’re a small team, we don’t have a publicly-available list of every piece of music that we use. That said, if you hear one or two pieces of music that you really love, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to respond to your request.

Where can I find a transcript of a Hidden Brain episode?

You can find the transcript for most episodes of Hidden Brain on our website. You can search for the episode or browse all episodes on our Archive Page. If a transcript is available, you’ll see a Transcript button which expands to reveal the full transcript. Newer episodes are unlikely to have a transcript as it takes us a few weeks to process and edit each transcript.

I am interested in starting a local discussion group for other listeners of the Hidden Brain podcast. Can I use materials from this website?

Yes! We love the idea of Hidden Brain helping to spark discussions in your community. You may link to our content and copy and paste episode descriptions and “Additional Resources” into your invitations. You may also use the Hidden Brain name in invitations sent to a small group of personal contacts for such purposes as a listening club or discussion forum. Please do not republish our logo, name or content digitally or distribute to more than 10 people without written permission.

Can I republish, present or exhibit Hidden Brain materials on my website or physical location?

Not without written permission. To request permission, please send an email to [email protected].

How can I support Hidden Brain?

We couldn’t survive without the many public radio stations that support our show and they can’t survive without you. You can support Hidden Brain indirectly by giving to your local NPR station, or you can provide direct support to Hidden Brain by making a gift on our Patreon page. Thank you!

I want to work for Hidden Brain. Are you hiring?

We post open positions (including internships) on our jobs page. If you don’t see any jobs posted there, feel free to send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] and we’ll keep your materials on hand for future openings on the show.

I would like to sponsor Hidden Brain. Who manages opportunities for advertisers on the podcast or radio show?

All sponsorship opportunities on Hidden Brain are managed by SXM Media. You can also connect directly with our sponsorship representative by emailing [email protected]n.org.